10 Tactics to Get More App Installs

10 Tactics to Get More App Installs

If you are marketing an app, it pays to make a stride back every so often and consider the acquisition tactics you may have missed to drive more app installs.

You are presumably as of now doing all the correct things: optimizing your app store page, constructing a network, following your advertising campaigns, being dynamic in online life, etc.

What you may have missed, be that as it may, are a portion of the more underestimated and disregarded tactics to create clients for your app. So here it is a rundown of 10 approaches to get more app installs.

Everything necessary is a little exertion and the correct know-how to convey your app to the consideration of the majority.

Thus, to gain proficiency with the most ideal approaches to support your portable app installs allows first to see how apps are downloaded in any case.

10 Ways to Get More App Installs

1. Create an attractive App Icon:

Your app icon is the principal thing somebody finds in the app store, so the structure you pick is basic to your prosperity.

As clients look through the app store, yours should fly out as eye-getting and recognizable.

Ensure you utilize a structure that fills in as a reasonable portrayal of your app. It ought to give however much of a hint as could be expected to what clients will discover after they install it.

2. Name and Describe Your App Appropriately:

A good title means the difference between people knowing your product by name and referring to it as “This thing on my phone.”

Some of the points to be considered:
  • Don’t use names that are already in use
  • Keep your app name short, easy to spell, and memorable.
  • Do your best to choose a name that reflects what your app Users should not scroll past your app when looking for something to fit their needs.

3. Social Media Outreach:

The Social media platform is used to build your app’s publically, you have to decide what angle to start from. This means your social media voice must match your app’s personality.

The social media platforms where apps tend to get the most attention are:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Each social media platform has its own terms of service regarding contests, giveaways, and advertising. Be sure you’re never in violation of them while you draw attention to and build loyalty for your app.

4. Create a YouTube video:

When you think social media marketing for apps, the center is generally Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

YouTube is the 3rd most popular website in the world and the 2nd most popular search engine.

YouTube is a social-search crossover that offers two extremely incredible advantages for app installs.

A video streamlined for YouTube’s hunt can get thousands of views while never becoming viral.

A decent video with the correct keywords can open your app to a large number of viewers searching for what your app gives and ought to likewise prompt loads of downloads.

5. Get listed in third-party app stores:

This is a comparative plan for launching in smaller countries – list your app in an option app store (a store other than Apple’s or Google Play) and faceless challenge.

You likewise get the opportunity to get to a crowd of people that may not be utilizing the more popular app stores.

Some of the third-party app stores:
  • Amazon App Store for Android
  • GetJar
  • SlideME
  • F-Droid
  • Samsung App Store
  • AppsLib

6. Start sending emails:

Essentially all online advertisers use email marketing. It’s a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to support to some degree intrigued individuals into getting to be clients.

Truth be told, navigate rates for the versatile business normal over 3%, which is a strong number contrasted with navigate rates for portable promotions.

Email marketing offers some other benefits:
  • Mailing lists are easy to segment and target
  • It’s a cheap way to communicate with potential users
  • It’s easy to text messaging
  • Mobile optimized emails are easy to create

 7. Using Eye-Catching Photos:

Photos related to your app that feature your most well known and required highlights will quickly empower downloads.

Screenshots from your app itself are what users will typically look at after they first find you in search results.

Here are a few ways you can use photos to make users more interested:
  • Show what your app really looks like for users
  • Make sure your screenshots contain a different aspect of the app in action.
  • Include explanations, captions, and arrows that show users what they can do inside your app.
  • Convince users that your app has a better design than that of your competitors.

8. Start a retargeting campaign:

This is a moderately better approach for advertising – focusing on individuals who have been to your site. 

A special method to utilize retargeting is to consult with another site to add your retargeting pixel to their site.

Essentially, you would take the retargeting pixel you get from your promotion system and add it to the next site.

9. Market Your App Effectively:

In case you’re sufficiently blessed to have a marketing spending plan, don’t be excessively traditionalist with it.

Run of the mill marketing is organized over a month. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to get a sharp spike in app installs for your app in a brief timeframe, think all you’re marketing investing into a little energy outline.

10. Ask for Reviews:

In the event that you can draw positive surveys from devotees of your app, you can see your downloads increase exponentially.

Reviews that declare your app a profitable download or state it gives an incredible user encounter are “testimonials” that let different users know your app is worth downloading.

Organic reviews from genuine individuals are unquestionably more important to your app than manufactured ones since you as the designer can gain from it too.

Not exclusively will the criticism give different users comprehension of your item, it can likewise educate you about what should be fixed or changed.


I hope all of you understand 10 app installs tactics. Go through all the above tactics and if you have any suggestion, write down in the comment section.

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Thank you for reading!

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