5 Important Facebook Metrics To Be Consider In Facebook Marketing

Do you measure you facebook metrics when you are doing Facebook marketing?

Facebook metrics give all insights of your facebook page or facebook ads.

As a marketer, you know that what facebook metrics should essential to improve your performance.

Facebook gives you lots of data when you promote post either organic or paid.

Facebook insight has a useful metrics to measure all activity involved in facebook.

To start with, you’ll need to center around your Facebook post measurements. These are the only relevant indicators of the performance of your content.

The other Facebook information can be deceiving or gamed. Be that as it may, it’s difficult to track individual post metrics.

Let’s be realistic, Facebook gives you a great deal of information. The measure of data you can get from Facebook on the execution of your posts, audience demographics, and campaign tracking is great.

5 Important Facebook Metrics To Be Consider In Facebook Marketing

Here are the 5 key facebook metrics you need to measure to understand your Facebook Page performance:

1. Engagement:

Engagement measures the number of times somebody made a move on your posts.

That could mean clicking a connection, sharing your post, making a response or leaving a comment.

Engagement is a standout amongst the most essential Facebook metrics you can track.

For one, engagement is an indication that individuals really like the content you’re sharing.

However, another reason engagement is so significant is it might give your presents more presentation to your audience.

Optimize the social media posts with keywords and place suggestion to take action to draw in the gathering of people. This will result in more likes, comments, reactions, and shares.

2. Reach:

Reach is the number of people saw your content and that from either from either paid or organic efforts.

It is the number of individuals seen the content in the Facebook posts. It incorporates paid or natural.

In the event that your followers are large, it doesn’t mean they all observe them and your reach is likewise substantial.

You can promote the posts in groups, boost the post for paid promotion, and target the post. Endeavor to post evergreen content with the goal that it gets came to more audience.

3. Impressions:

Another Facebook metric identified with the visibility of your posts is impressions.

The number of times the user saw your post, the impression will be counted.  

Impressions can give you a smart thought of the “viral” idea of a post. One individual may get presented to one of your posts on a number of times.

For example, in the event that they saw it once in their feed and after that again when a companion shared it, which is two impressions.

4. Page Likes & Follows:

Page Likes are the number of individuals that take after your brand on Facebook.

They preferred your page or picked in to have the capacity to have your posts appear in their feed. You can consider them fans or subscribers

Page Likes are often considered important metrics. They don’t represent how successful your Facebook marketing efforts are compared to engagement, reach or other metrics.

5. Video Engagement:

With the increasing interest in video, particularly from management and partners, many learning and improvement experts feel not as much as positive about their insight into what makes an incredible video.

So by what means can we, as learning experts, guarantee the videos we create are effective, engaging, and accomplishing their objectives?

For video, engagement can mean a few things, including the length of time learners, saw the video or in the event that they connected with or made some move in or around the video, such as completing a test, commenting, liking, or sharing.

Regardless of how you measure engagement, the most important thing is getting your viewer to comprehend and learn. Engagement is a way toward that end.


As should be obvious, there are a huge amount of Facebook metrics you can track. It’s up to your brand to choose which ones are critical to you.

in this article explained 5 important facebook metrics, you must follow while facebook marketing.

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