Create a Facebook Business Page in 8 simple steps

In this article, you will learn how to create a business page on Facebook from the beginning. The Facebook business page is the most important step to promote your local business, brand or product.


Facebook business page


Why Facebook is important for business

More than 820 million people are active on Facebook every day. Worldwide, there are over 2.13 billion monthly active Facebook users. As you know Facebook is a social networking website. You can engage your customer and make your product more valuable.


Facebook users
                               Worldwide, Facebook user chart                                           

Facebook is one of the best marketing strategies to promote your business, brand, and product online. So without wasting any time create your business page and promote your business online.


Follow the Steps to Create a Facebook business page:

Step 1 – Create a Page on Facebook

You have to log in to your personal Facebook account. To create a Facebook business page, you have to click the drop-down arrow at the top right-hand corner of your Facebook page.

If you don’t have the Facebook personal account, you can create a business page. There were not any criteria to have a Facebook personal account. Choose this link


drop down button
Choose to drop down arrow at top right corner

After clicking create a page, you will take to new window i.e. classification or category. Where you can select the category that represents your business.



Step 2 – Select a Category

There are six different categories. Select any of these six categories that are suited to your business. To Begin, navigate

                  Choose the category for your business.
  1. Local Business or Place
  2. Company, Organization, or Institution
  3. Brand or Product
  4. Artist, Band, or Public Figure
  5. Entertainment
  6. Cause or Community

Consider, you have the local business, then you will select local business or place category. Click on local business or place, after then you will take to next step i.e. fill your business details.



Step 3 – Add the Business Details

To complete your business page, you have to add the information related to your business like business name, local address, and page category and business phone number. You need to add right details otherwise your business can’t reach the right audience.

Business Details
                       Add the details about your business

Name – your business name.

Page category – you will able to choose any of six categories that represent your business.

Address – enter the address where your business located. On three separate textbox i.e. street address, city/country and postcode, you have to provide your business details.

Phone Number – Provide your valid business phone number. So People can call you directly at that phone number.



Step 4 – Add Your Profile Picture & Cover Photo

Next step will be to add the profile picture and cover photo. Choose profile picture and cover photo that represent your business.

The recommended sizes are:

  • Profile picture dimensions are 180 x 180 Pixel.
  • Cover photo dimensions are 851 x 315 Pixel.
Profile Picture
     Add profile picture that represents your business

Make sure that your profile and cover photo should be of high resolution. For high definition image, you should hire photographer or graphics designer. You can create an image using You can create free images with high resolution.

Cover Photo
      Upload cover photo that represents your business

In case, you don’t have both the images. You can skip the profile picture and cover photo upload step and move forward to next step.



Step 5 – Invite Your Friends or Groups to Like Your Business Page

After uploading a cover photo, you will reach next window i.e. now invite your friends. Here you can invite your friends, colleagues, supporters, and customers. You can encourage them to engage with your page.

invite friends
              Now Invite your friend and groups



Step 6 – Add a Call to Action Button

The call to a button is very important because that direct impact on your business.  Click on “+add a button” option, after clicking new popup window will appear in which you can select any of button that you want to be shown to people.

Call to action button
              Choose call to action button
  1. Make a booking for you: people can book product or your services.
  2. Contact you: people can contact you via phone, custom form or message.
  3. Learn more about your business: you can provide more information about your business. You can also add video and website link to it.
  4. Shop with you or make a donation: you can provide your product page link, so people can purchase your product directly.
  5. Download your app or play your game: people can download your app
  6. Join your community: people can join your community group.


call to action categories
Choose call to action button from category



Step 7 – Add Additional Business Details and Custom Username

Facebook provides you unique identifier number on your page like this “”. Generally, the username is a short name for your page. Make sure that keep your username as short as possible.

additional; business Details
          Add additional detail of your business

Note that, you can create a custom username just once. You cannot edit username after creating. We are recommended you add the short description, website URL, business mission and business working time.



Step 8 – General Setting to Your Page

Now you created the front end part of your page. After that, you have to set up privacy and security settings on your page. A general setting option is on right top corner of the page. After clicking setting option, you will reach the new window. In that, you can edit your privacy and security settings.

Setting page
             General setting to your page

Visitor posts:  choose people to share post, photo, and video to your page.

Country restriction: you can restrict any country from seeing your page.

Age restriction: you can restrict certain age people to seeing your page.

Massage: people can communicate with you directly.

Page roles: you can share your admin control to multiple people who work on your organization.

Page Role
 Assign a page role

Make sure that assign yourself as admin and assign different level of roles to other people in your team. Admin has authority to add, remove and control over other roles.

Merge page: you can duplicate your page as well.

Download page: you can download page post, photo, video and page information.

Remove page: you can delete your page. It will take at least 15 days to deactivate your page. Also, you can activate your page again.


What to do with your Facebook business page

Increase page likes

You can invite your friends and different business groups to increase your page likes.

Increase traffic to your page

Create a valuable post and videos that encourage people to see your page that will increase traffic.

Advertise on Facebook

You can promote your Facebook business page. Create a free ad campaign and paid ad campaign. You can target certain audience to grow your business.

For a paid campaign, we recommend you to use Facebook power editor. For more details about power editor use this

Free business marketing

You can share valuable content like the post, Photo, and video that attract your audience. You can also generate some leads without paying any money.



Facebook is one of the powerful ways to reach your customer. You can promote your business free on Facebook and easy to set up. Once you have completed all the steps your Facebook business page is ready and bring your business online.

So try it yourself and let me know your opinions in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading.


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