How to Create Instagram Account for Business

Do you use Instagram for your business, if yes then amazing but if not then don’t worry. In this article, you will learn how to create Instagram account for your business.

You can switch your own personal account to business account as well. If you have a number of followers in your personal account you can switch your personal account into a business account.


create Instagram account for business


Over 800 million people are active on Instagram. Instagram is all about sharing photo and video. Instagram is one of the most popular and fast-growing social networks.

You can install an Instagram app on all platforms like android, mac, ios. You can promote your business on Instagram as well.

For installation of Instagram, you need a Facebook account because Facebook owns the Instagram. If you are running the Facebook paid campaign that directly shown on your Instagram timeline as a sponsored ad.

Before we begin, you need a Facebook business page. To create a Facebook business page follow this article Create a Facebook business page.

To Create Instagram Account Follow the Steps:

 1. Download the Instagram App

Posting or sharing any content on Instagram you need mobile. Go to Google play store, find the Instagram app and download.


App Download
Download Instagram from Google Play store.



2. Create an Account

You can choose phone or email for account creation. We recommend you to choose email and If you create Instagram account using your business email, the customer may find you easily.


Sign up
Select “Sign up” Option


Enter The Email
Enter Your Email



3. Add Profile Details and Username

Instagram will generate username on the basis of name you entered. If you want to create Instagram account for business add company name as a full name.

Don’t worry about that, you can change your username easily, by picking a username for your account. You can change username anytime you want.


Welcome To Instagram
Welcome Screen to Your Account


Basic details
Enter Name and Password


Change Username
Pick Username to Your Account


4. Find Facebook Friends and Personal Contacts

Next step, find friends on Facebook and personal contact. You can skip this step because you still not completed your Instagram profile.

After completion of profile and one or two posts, you can increase your follower. You can add your Facebook friend at any time you want, Instagram has those facilities.


Facebook friends to follow
Add Facebook Friends to Follow



5. Add a Profile Picture

Choose “add photo” option, you will be asked to select photo import options.


Profile Photo
Add profile Photo


There are few photo import options:

Import from facebook– This option will pull all facebook personal account information with your facebook profile picture. Don’t import from facebook if you want Instagram for business.

Import from Twitter– Import from twitter as long as it’s your business profile.

Take a photo– This will open your mobile camera and you can take pictures from mobile directly.

Choose from the library– You can choose photos from your mobile library or gallery.


6. Edit Profile and Save Login Info.

Once you have added your profile picture, you will ask to save login information. You can save login information or you can skip.

So finally, your Instagram profile is created, where you can check your post, photo, and profile.


Edit account.
Edit the Account Info


Save login info
Save the Login Info


In edit profile option, you can fill the bio, contact information, website URL, email address and gender.

You can edit your profile at any time after account creation.


Home Screen Tour


Home screen
Home screen


Camera – Click here to start sharing photo and video.

Home – See the latest post and photos.

Search – Search people, trending topics and suggested people.

Square with plus sign – Upload your post, photo, and video.

Paper airplane – If someone sends you a message you can see here and also you can send a message to someone. 

Profile – Your full profile, post, photo, and video.


7. Instagram Business Account

Click on “try Instagram business tools” and follow the steps. You will reach four windows i.e. welcome, business profile, insights, and promotions. Just follow the step and tap continue.


Business Tool
Select Business Tool Option



8. Connect to Your Facebook Business Page.

Next, you will be asked to choose your Facebook business page. Remember in the beginning of this article we suggested you create a Facebook business page if you don’t have.

To create Instagram account for business you need a Facebook business page. Here you have to select your Facebook business page. You can’t choose your personal Facebook page.


Business Page
Choose Your Business Page



9. Setup Your Business Profile

After connecting your Facebook business page you will reach next step i.e. add your business information. Here you will add your business email, address and contact number.

People will be able to email, call and get directions to your business. You can always edit this at any time in the setting.


Add Business Details
Add Business Details



10. Complete Your Business Profile

After filling your business details, you will able to see your business profile. There is a new feature added to business profile like insights and promote.


Business Profile
Business Profile


What is New in Instagram for a Business Profile?


This is a new feature of Instagram where you can promote business to grow your business. To promote your business post or video simply tap on promote button and post will start promoting. The post will be displayed in your followers’ timeline as sponsored.





After post promotion, you want to see how many people are actually reaching to your promoted post. Here insights play the important role, you can view all the impression, likes, and clicks.





Impression– The total number of time your post has been seen.

Click– Number of tap to the button on your promoted post.

Likes– Number people like your post.

Cost per click– Here you can see amount reduced as per the number of clicks.

In insights, you can also view how many followers are visited your post. You can break down your follower by gender, age, and location.


Use Caption and Hashtag

At the time of sharing photo add caption and hashtag. Using hashtag your post will reach millions of people. In Instagram people uses the hashtag to increase their post followers.

The hashtag is mostly used as a joking way on Instagram. You can find popular hashtag here: hashtagsforlikes. Use hashtag that relevant to your post.


Follow the People and Engage

Follow the people that are relevant to your business. Share the photo and video that show what type of business you are running. Engage your follower by attractive contents.

There are two ways to add followers

  1. Facebook friends
  2. Contact

Start following other account users and engage them. As you post more to your network and follow more people. People will reach your post and maybe like it. This is one of the ways to increase your followers.



Instagram is the fast-growing social network. Over millions of people are active on Instagram and one that your business should be using. You can reach your followers and increase your business capital. Create Instagram account and share your success story, photo, videos.

Try it yourself and if you have any query let me know your opinions in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.


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