How do i boost post on Facebook

Are you confused between boost post on facebook and facebook promoted ad?

Do you know when should you use boost post option?

Here we have discovered the difference between boost post on facebook and facebook promoted ad.

In this article, you will learn how to boost post on Facebook. You can choose any of the methods to promote your business on Facebook. You will learn which method is right for your business.

Before we start few things you have known.

  1. You should have your Facebook business page or personal page.
  2. A post on your Facebook page is eligible for boost post.
  3. Your role in a Facebook business page, you will need to be page admin.


How do i boost post on Facebook


What is boost post on Facebook?

Boosting post is an effective way to get your targeted audience for your content. It is an easy process to get more views to your page.

You can use this method directly from your Facebook page. For this, you don’t need any tool for promoting your content.

It is a great way to get more people to see your post. You can promote events; offers related your business and news. You have to write some valuable content to engage people.

Your boosted post is displayed in the Facebook news feed as a sponsored post.

Follow the steps to boost a post on Facebook:

1. Log in to the Facebook business page or personal page.

You should be login to your business page or personal page. If you don’t have a Facebook business page, create it first before boosting post.

Without Facebook page, you can’t promote or boost any post.

Facebook page
log in your Facebook page


2. Find the engaging content.

You can create a new post or use any old post that you have already posted.

Remember that post should include photos or video related your content. To increase your post views and traffic include a website link.

Engage your audience with content because the content is king in social media marketing.

You can engage people by your content only. Keep content simple and understandable, so you can increase your traffic.

Add Content
Add content on the post


3. Click on boost post button

Click on the bottom right corner of the post. You will navigate to the new window where you can choose your audience, budget and time for the ad.


click the boost button
Click the boost button


4. Choose your audience

It is very important to reach the right audience with your post. You may see multiple options create a new audience and existing audience.

If you click to create a new audience, you have chosen following options:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests and demographics

And if you click existing audience, you can choose audience who already visited your page.

You can select people who like your page and their followers.  When you select audience for the post, next step will be setup budget.

choose the audience and budget
Choose the audience


5. Choose your budget and schedule

Select prefilled budget or choose own budget. You can choose daily budget or total budget for the post. You have spent at least Rs.40 for a day.

Induration section, you can select start and end date for the post. Also, you can define certain time for your post. If you increase your budget you will reach more audience.

Set the budget
Set the budget


6. Click on boost button

Next, you will reach payment section. Select your preferred payment option and click boost post button. Your post will be activated within 1 hour. Facebook will review your post and then publish it.

You can measure your post-performance anytime from boost post button on the page. Review your post by use page insights option at the top of the Facebook page.

In page insight, you can see how many people actually reach your post. How many likes and views for the post.

Click the boost button
Click the boost button and finish the process


Difference between Facebook boost post and promoted ads:

Facebook promoted ads:

It is hard to differentiate Facebook promoted ads and boosted a post because both of them appear in the Facebook news feed.

The biggest difference between boosted post and promoted ads, Facebook promoted ads offer several different ways to track ad performance and you can set ad campaign goal.

Moreover, Facebook ads offer you to the target user by gender, age, and location.

Facebook ads provide your two tools to manage your ad performance. An ad also offers you call to action buttons for your Facebook ad campaign.

Facebook ads provide you to target user on language. Facebook ads provide advanced options to optimize your ad campaign.

The option includes page likes, app install, post engagements, website conversion, awareness, lead generation and video view.

If you are looking for customizing targeting, Facebook promoted ads will be good.

Boosted post:

A boosted post is easy to setup and less complex then Facebook promoted ads.

A boosted post is simply a regular post that pays to reach people. The post must already on your business page.

The boosted post is displayed in the Facebook news feed as a “sponsored” post.

The goal of the boosted post is to reach more audience and achieve post engagement such as likes, share, and comments.

However, you are looking for a more advanced option, this is where Facebook promoted ads is better for you.

Choosing between Facebook promoted ads and boosted post is largely depends on your campaign objective and social media marketing strategy.

If you are running a small business and you want to promote your business with the low budget, you can try boosted post option.

Facebook promoted ad and boosted post are encouraged to define the different outcome. Facebook promoted ad is customize the way to target your audience and boosted post is a simple and easy way to target your audience.



Facebook boost post is a simple way to promote your post on Facebook. You can boost your old post or you can create a new post with powerful content.

If you’re running a local business, I recommend you to try this option to increase your business traffic.

There is another option available on Facebook i.e. ads manager and power editor where you can create your ad campaign with your budget.

By using Facebook tools you will increase your business sale. Facebook will help you to grow your small, medium or large scale of business.

You can use both the boosted post or promoted ads method but by using a Facebook tool you can measure your ad performance better way.

So try it yourself and let me know your opinions in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading.

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