How do you create a business page on LinkedIn?

Do you utilize LinkedIn to promote your business online?

LinkedIn business pages enable you to promote business online and make your brand, service and product awareness. You can reach a more professional audience through LinkedIn

In this article, you’ll discover how to use a LinkedIn business or organization page to promote your business.

LinkedIn business pages enable different clients to learn more about your business.

By including a LinkedIn business page, you can likewise teach them on the advantages of your brand and services.

Before you can make your own particular LinkedIn business page, you should have an individual LinkedIn profile.

Make sure that your company doesn’t have a page on LinkedIn and that you yourself, meet the necessities to include a company page LinkedIn.

You may have heard that a LinkedIn Company Page isn’t the best method to create leads or business on LinkedIn

Despite the fact that you may not produce a great deal of business when you make a Company Page on LinkedIn, it doesn’t imply that your business shouldn’t have one.

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You can attract more audience and build your company employee career page.

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Communicate your company’s main goal, culture, and employment opportunities with dynamic content that based on the view of LinkedIn member profiles.

To create a business page on LinkedIn, you should satisfied following content

  1. Need personal LinkedIn profile to create a business page on LinkedIn.
  1. Your profile should be one week old.
  1. You must have connections on your personal profile.
  1. You need company email id to create a page on LinkedIn.
  1. Confirmed your email id and connect with your LinkedIn profile.

How do you create a business page on LinkedIn

It is more important to have some connection in your personal profile.

The connection means your follower.  You can invite them to your business page.

You can utilize much focused on Follow Ads on LinkedIn to help achieve your coveted target section.

These business ads can target different enterprises, organizations, or geological areas and show up all through LinkedIn.

Whenever an expert on LinkedIn takes after your company their activity shows up on the LinkedIn newsfeed.

To create a business page on LinkedIn follow the steps:

1. Login your personal profile.

To create a business page on LinkedIn, log in your personal LinkedIn profile and hover “work option”.

Create a company page
Create a company page


2. Add your company name

You will be navigating to new window i.e. set up a company name. Here you can fill your company name and company website URL.

After filling company name and company URL, you will able to see the welcome window.

In that, you will learn more about LinkedIn page design and how to manage your business page.

Set up your company page
Set up your company page

There are three steps to manage your business:

  1. Make a first positive impression on the audience by adding a company logo and a cover photo. 
  2. Give audience full context around your company by filling all section of your company page.
  3. Your company should have an international presence. don’t forget to set your company name and details in each language you are targeting for business.


3. Upload company Logo and cover photo

Choose relevant profile picture and cover photo for your business page.

Standard profile picture dimension will be 300 x 300 pixels.

For cover photo dimension are 646 x 220 pixels.

You can create cover photo by using canva tool. Canva provides you a different design to make the attractive cover photo for your business.

Add Profile and Cover Photo
Add Profile and Cover Photo


4. Add company description

Fill the about us section. Add the short description of your company.

LinkedIn provided you 2000 word limit type. You can type your company description up to 2000 words.

Tell your connection about your business and what type of business you’re running.

Add Company Description
Add Company Description


5. Add your business specialties and other details

Add your company specialty. You can add maximum 20 specialties.

After that, you are able to add company website URL. Size of your company, year of founded and type of company.

Also in which category your businesses are involved?

Business Specialties and Other Details
Add your business specialties


6. Add your company location

Fill your company address and add your office locations to ensure customer and job applicants can find your company easily.

You are able to add building name, company exact address with geographical preview.

You can see the geographical preview on the right side of location section.

Add Company Location
Add Company Location


7. Add business groups

You can add maximum 3 business group in your business page.

LinkedIn has some limitation as compared to Facebook; you can add only limited groups.

You are able to see all groups in “work button” section.

Add Business Groups
Add Business Groups


8. Learn more option on the LinkedIn company page


LinkedIn provides amazing option to manage business page and track LinkedIn shares post-performance.

There are four options at the top of page

Updates: You will get update here related your page.

Overview: you are able to overview your business page.

Analytics: in this, you can see the total number of visitor, follower, and updates to your company page.

Notifications: any notification related your post and shared content.

For e.g. if you posted some content on your page, how many likes, impressions and share on that post you will notify here.

Learn more about LinkedIn page
Learn more about LinkedIn page



When you create a business page on LinkedIn, make a certain change to set meaningful objectives. That will help to grow your business sale.

While having a LinkedIn company page is a very important thing for your business. You can promote your business by using paid ad campaign and organic way as well.

To promote your business on LinkedIn, you need to spend money and time to see your ad performance. 

Your company page is the best way to show your client more about your business and how you can help them to solve their particular issues or difficulties.

So, try to create a business page on LinkedIn and if you have any question regarding this article let me know in comment section below.

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