How to Advertise on LinkedIn

Do you know how to advertise on LinkedIn?

Have you tried to do advertising on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social platform, where you can reach a professional audience.

LinkedIn has more than 450 million business experts connected with each other. 

You can promote your business to professional advertisers. LinkedIn adverting is a professional way to target your audience.

Using LinkedIn ad campaign you can make leads, conversion, and traffic to your site. You can directly interact with your targeted audience.

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn doesn’t provide any tool to create an ad campaign like power editor and ads manager.

LinkedIn provides an effective way to get your message out to a targeted people using various options.

Each LinkedIn ad campaign allows you to reach your audience in an easy way.  You can target your audience in various ways to get more leads, clicks, and traffic on your site.

To advertise on LinkedIn, you need a LinkedIn business page. If you don’t have company page create it first.

After fulfilling all requirements follow the link”, where you can start your ad campaign.

As compared to Facebook, LinkedIn has a narrow audience to target but they are professional. You can have a high percentage of conversion.

How to advertise on LinkedIn


Here are the steps to advertise on LinkedIn.

Step 1: Go to LinkedIn business ad link

Type in URL to create your first LinkedIn ad. You will navigate to LinkedIn advertise window.

Follow the link
Go To LinkedIn ad page


Step 2: Add business account

Here you can add your business account. Business account means your business page where you can showcase your business ideas.

To create a LinkedIn ad, you need a LinkedIn business page. This is a mandatory step to move ahead.

Add your account
Add your account

After adding the account, you will able to show your account details like account name, campaigns, and status.


Step 3: Create a campaign

Click on the account, you will navigate to new window i.e. campaign manager.

 In campaign manager, you are actually creating your ad campaign.  You can monitor your ad performance.

Campaign manager provides many options to manage the ad campaign.

Time series: See the conversion, leads, impression, clicks, and total money spent on a campaign.

You can add filter according to campaign performance. Filters are mainly according to day, weekly and monthly basis. 

Choose create campaign button to create a new campaign with the relevant objective.

Create a new campaign
Create a new campaign


Step 4: Choose an ad product

Select campaign objective to drive more audience to your business site. There is three type of LinkedIn goal.

Sponsored content:

Sponsored content allows business to make awareness, increase followers and drive more leads to a business page.

Your ad appears on the homepage feed of followers who fit the targeting criteria set up by the advertiser.

By using sponsored content objective, you can increase your follower using follow button and collect leads using LinkedIn lead generation form.  

LinkedIn lead gen. form contains business detail like business URL, image, call to action button and description.

Text Ads:

Text ads allow you to describe your business in informatics way. To create text ads consist of headline, description, and image.

It is the fastest way to get an ad in front of your targeted audience. It will appear on LinkedIn homage, profile page, group page, LinkedIn inbox, Who’s Viewed My Profile page and search result page.

This campaign set to CPM (cost per impression) and CPC (cost per click). With the cost per click bidding, you’ll pay each time a user clicks your ad. With CPM bidding, you’ll pay each time your ad shows 1,000 times on LinkedIn

Sponsored Inmail:

If you want to send the direct message to targeted audience use this campaign objective. Sponsored Inmail allow you to drive more traffic to your website.

You can engage more audience and generate leads through an ad campaign. Your targeted audience will able to see the mail message in their message or inbox.

Sponsored Inmail consist of the custom form, call to action button, text, and business website link.

Your money will be reduced to cost per send basis.

Choose an ad product
Choose an ad product


Step 5: Name of your campaign

Define campaign name to get more follower and leads.

The character limit for campaign name is 50 words. Select the language that readable to all targeted audience.

Select the ad type to get member clicks on your ads. You can able to save or delete campaign at any time you want.

Your campaign by default saved in draft and active campaign anytime in future.

Name your campaign
Name your campaign


Step 6: Create ad content

You can create a new ad content or use an existing one. If you added ad content previous ad campaign, you are able to select existing ad content.

Avoid use of existing ad content, try to create new ad content. The content consists of the name of ad content, description, website link, and image.

The description should be under 150 words and image dimension is 1200 x 627 with high quality.

Please note that description text from sponsored articles or link shares will not display to members on the latest version of LinkedIn.

create a ad content
create an ad content


Step 7: Audience creation

Create a targeted audience for your ad campaign. You can create an audience by various ways like location, matched audience and specific targeted audience criteria.

Matched audience: it is a custom targeting option to reach your website visitors, follower and target connections.

Here you can retarget your website visitors who recently visited your website.

You can upload a list of account, connections and email address using targeted a list or contact option.

Specific targeting criteria consist of the company name, company size, company industry, job title, job function, degree, member group, member skills, age, gender and company connections. 

Create a audience
Create an audience


Step 8: Budget and schedule

Set up your budget for the ad campaign and set start and end date for a campaign. Here you are able to set a daily budget and campaign duration.

LinkedIn suggests the average bid for your ad campaign. Your ad actually spends up to 20% higher than daily budget.

You can use conversion tracking code to track your ad performance through LinkedIn ads.

Set up the Budget and time
Set up the Budget and schedule


Step 9: Payment details and launch your campaign

Review your ad campaign and make a payment. Fill the card details and you will be payable when someone clicks your ad.

 You will pay as per your campaign goal. If you want an impression, they will charge you 1000 impression to your ad.

You can review your ad campaign and able to edit your ad campaign at any time.

Fill the payment details
Fill the payment details



LinkedIn offers you unique way to promote your business online. You can reach potential customer through LinkedIn.

 For successful ad campaign, you have set up your goal for each campaign.

There are plenty of ways to create a advertise on LinkedIn. Follow the guideline and make your ad campaign priceless.

By using LinkedIn, you can bring more followers and drive more leads through a campaign.

If you are looking for a professional audience, LinkedIn ads are the best platform for you.

So, try it yourself and if you have any query regarding article comment on below section.

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Thank you for reading.

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