How to create twitter ad campaign 2018

Are you using the Twitter ad for your business?

Are you a beginner or you don’t know how to use Twitter for business?

In this article, you learn about how to create twitter ad campaign for your business in simple steps.

Since Twitter launched, Twitter has become a more powerful platform to promote your services and brand.

In twitter, you can promote your brand, service, and business. To promote ads on Twitter, Twitter has option name “Twitter ads”.

Twitter is a great platform to generate leads and drive more traffic to your site.

Using twitter ad, you can engage your customer and also increase more followers.

If you don’t have twitter accounts for your business set up first and do some activity on your account. Because new twitter account doesn’t have permission to run an ad campaign.

To run a Twitter ad campaign you need an old twitter account. Using twitter ad you can bring a large and organic audience to your site.

There are different types of a Twitter ad: promoted tweet, promoted twitter account and twitter trends.

Twitter allows you to use a limited character in tweet i.e. 280 words

If you are running any type of business, Twitter is as important as other social media platform.

You can use tool to manage your social activity. There is a different type of tools available like Hootsuite, buffer etc.

How to create Twitter ad campaign 2018

To create an effective Twitter ad campaign follow the steps:

1.Login Your Twitter Account

The first step is to log into your twitter account and click on your profile.

You need twitter business account to login. Select “Twitter ads” option to start your first Twitter ad campaign.

Login twitter account
Login twitter account


2. Click on Create a Campaign

Select create new campaign option in the top right corner of Twitter ads dashboard. Here you can name your ad campaign.

Create a campaign
Create a campaign

3. Choose Ad Objective

The objective of your campaign plays an important role when you create an ad campaign. Here you can select your ad objective based on the campaign. Twitter ad objective is designed to achieve your goal.

The Twitter ad campaign is categorized based on your campaign objectives. There are five different objectives to drive more traffic to your site.

Choose Campaign Objective
Choose Campaign Objective



You want to reach as many people to your website. This is the only type of Twitter ad campaign where pricing is deducted based on impression. By using this campaign you will promote your brand to a large audience.


For follower campaign, you promote your Twitter account and increase your followers. You want to build an engaging content on your account to increase your followers. You can grow your community on Twitter.

Promoted video view:

Get people to watch your videos using twitter native video player. Promote your video campaign to a targeted audience and pay per your video view. You pay per video view by people. This campaign is set to increase video view and increase traffic to your website.

Website clicks or conversations:

This campaign is used to increase website clicks and conversation. You want people to visit your website and click like button. You just want to create a tweet that increases your website clicks and you can retarget visited audience using conversation campaign.

Tweet engagement:

Write and promote a tweet that engages your audience and attracts people to talk about your business. Campaigns allow you to reach more audience and drive conversations. By tweet engagement campaign, you promote tweets with goals of starting conversations around your brand and pay per initial engagement with your audience.

App installs and re-engagement:

For app install or re-engagement campaign, get people to install your app and re-engage with your app. You will pay per app installation. This type of campaign allows you to promote your business application and you can retarget the audience.


4. Set Up Your Campaign

Define your campaign name and click on return to original campaign form. After assigning campaign objective, click return to campaign form. You will navigate to next page.

Create Your Campaign Details
Create Your Campaign Details



5. Select Your Audience

Next step will be to target audience for your ad campaign. You can target audience by location, age, gender, language and additional options.

Choose Your Audience
Choose Your Audience


The additional audience features are:

Keyword: Target user who tweet with the words you entered.

Followers: Targeting a user allows you to reach users with interests similar to followers of any of those accounts.

Interest: You will target users interested in any of categories you entered.

Tailored audience: Target lookalike audience means your saved audience who is already visited your site or campaign.

TV targeting: TV targeting is not available in all country. To use this feature select supported country.

Behaviors: Behavior targeting also not available to all country. Select the market you want to target. Select supporting the country to target.

Event targeting: People interested in any type of live event at that time event targeting features are used.


6. Set Your Budget

You can set a daily budget or total twitter ad budget for your campaign. When you set up a new ad campaign, the Twitter ad offers you two choices

  1. Start immediately and run continuously: this is default option where you can run twitter ad till your total budget or daily budget reached.
  2. Set start and end date: if you choose this option, your campaign will run during the time you specify.
Choose Your Ad Budget
Choose Your Ad Budget


7. Choose Your Creative

You can promote existing tweets or create a new tweet. At the time of creating the ad, you can see a preview of an ad. Include URL and hashtag to engage more audience.

All previous tweets are eligible to promote your campaign. Choose or write a tweet that people can see your ad campaign and drive traffic to your site.

Set Up Your Ad Creative
Set Up Your Ad Creative


8. Launch Your Campaign

Finally, click on launch button to start your first twitter ad.

After clicking on launch button, your ad will be activated. You can manage your ad using HootSuite tool. This tool is used to manage social activity.

Select Launch button
Select Launch button



Twitter offers you to grow your business by using Twitter ad. You can set your goal to achieve more traffic to your site.

Twitter offers you additional features to attract a new customer as well as you can retain old customer as well.

Twitter allows you to target new and old clients. You don’t necessary to spend more money on Twitter ads, Twitter ads even effectively in small budget. You can set your budget according to your campaign objectively.

So try it yourself and if you have any query regarding this article. Write a comment below section

Thank you for reading this article.


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