How to Set Up Facebook Messenger Ads

Do you want to reach more clients and prospects using Facebook Messenger ads?

Have you tried Facebook Messenger ads for your business?

Messenger ads display inside the Messenger app on the home tab, increasing the chance people will interact with your business.

Facebook Messenger is a broadly utilized stage for visiting with the great many Facebook Users. What about putting Facebook messenger ads?

Indeed! You heard it all right you can put your ads in the Facebook Messenger.

In this article, you’ll discover how to set up a Messenger ad.

How to set Facebook Messenger Ads?

Facebook is revealing the messenger home placement alternative globally. Here is the well-ordered process on the most proficient method to make Facebook messenger ads.

1. Choose the objective of the Campaign

Log in to your Facebook business account, open Facebook Ads Manager and select your campaign objective.

For Messenger home screen ads, you must choose either the Traffic or Conversions objective.

choose objective

If you chose Conversions, select either a standard event or custom conversion, depending on your goal.

After selecting the traffic option, you might select the View Content event, as shown below. 

website or messenger


2. Select a Target Audience

Go to create a new audience option or choose lookalike audience option. With Facebook messenger ads you can’t select saved audience.

If you want to target audience, according to their age group that can be possible.

select target audience

3. Select the Ad placement

The ad placement determines where your ad will be served to the audience you’ve selected.

You can choose the ad placement from the edit placement option. Choose the device type and platforms.

There are two options available:

  1. Automatic placements:

Your ads will automatically be shown to an audience in the place they are likely to perform best.

  1. Edit placements:

      You can edit your ad placement according to your goal.

ad placement4. Create the Ad

Now its time to build your ad. First, select your Facebook business page from which you want to perform messenger ads.

Select the ad format from the single image, carousel, slideshow or single video which determines how your ad will display on Facebook feeds or Instagram feeds.

In the link section, there are two destinations

  1. Website URL
  2. Messenger

If your goal is to drive more traffic towards your business website click on website URL.

And if your goal is to start a conversation with your targeted audience choose second option i.e. messenger.


Next, select the messenger option and fill the headline, text and news feed link description.

On the right side of the window, you can see how your news feed will display to your targeted audience.

news feed

Set Up Messenger Content

Click the button “Set up Messenger Content” and add the content you want your target audience to view the ads.

In the next step, use either the JSON code or quick creation tab as shown below.

The JSON tab requires you to adjust code or paste code from a third-party automated chatbot program such as ManyChat.

In this post shows you how to use the Quick Creation tab, which doesn’t require coding or an automated Chatbot from third-party software.

Set up Messenger Content


From the drop-down list of buttons, choose the call to action button. The example below creates a button that will send users to your business website.

action button

At the bottom of the Quick Creation tab, click Preview in Messenger App to see a preview of the message in the Messenger app on your mobile device or at from your desktop.

When you’re pleased with your Messenger content, click Done in the bottom-right corner of the Quick Creation tab. Then review your ad’s summary details and place your ad.


As Facebook keeps on making upgrades to their advertising tools, you can all the more effectively associate with prospects and existing clients.

Promotions on the Messenger home tab are another approach to achieve your intended interest group on their mobile devices.

So, try to create facebook messenger ads for your business.

If you have any questions regarding this article please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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