Top 5 Link Building Techniques 2018

Top 5 Link Building Techniques 2018


Are you doing link building for SEO?

Link building is an absolute necessity in the event that you need to enhance your site’s visibility and rankings and be on the primary page of search engines! Whatever your industry is, the main key to enhancing your site’s visibility in the search engines is Link Building.

Links are the foundation of the web, yet not all links are made an equivalent. While the correct sort of links can improve your online reputation, the wrong kind can absolutely tank it – and it can set aside a long opportunity to recover.

What Is Link Building?

Link building for SEO is getting links from different sites back to your very own site.

Links are one of the best SEO positioning variables, and Google utilizes them to measure the authority and relevance of your site for specific search terms.

Link building is one of the keys of progress to sites being positioned at the highest point of search engines.

There is a great deal of pointless information in regards to link building which may be an exercise in time and money and could get your site prohibited and blacklisted from search engines.

How Important Is Link Building for SEO?

There are two main reasons why link building is important for SEO:

  1. Google spider discovers content by following links. Without any links to it, your content may never be found by Google.
  2. Links are one of the most important SEO ranking factors. The more high-quality links you can get, the higher your content should rank.


What Are the Important Links for SEO?

There are 3 types of links for SEO link building:

Internal links:  Links on your site to your own content.

Outbound links: The links from your site to other sites.

Inbound links: it is also called backlinks, which are links from other sites to your site.


Links can also be categorized as:

Dofollow: which are normal links that pass link authority and SEO rank to the target sites?

Nofollow:  No follow links marked with a bit of HTML code to indicate that the site owner doesn’t want to pass authority and rank to the target website


Avoid following points for Link Building:

  1. Buying or selling links in an effort to improve ranking
  2. Link exchanges
  3. Low-quality directory sites that are thinly-disguised excuses to link to multiple sites – you definitely don’t want to be listed there

Here are the 5 best link building techniques

1. Building Links from Trusted Sites:

Building links from trusted sites are one of the most important steps to setting up your site’s authority and raising it to the top spot of search results.

At the point when a website has backlinks from a trusted site, it tells search engines that they are an authority regarding that matter.

The internet has a huge amount of spam sites and Google has invested in weeding them out and just indicating trusted sites inside their search results pages.

There are many websites and blogs that mention Wikipedia within their content. Search engines consider Wikipedia a highly relevant source and it shows up high within search engine results.

Search engine algorithms don’t give acknowledgment to a website that has links on sites that have nothing to do with their products or business.

A vehicle parts website doesn’t need a link on a cooking website. The two have no connection and won’t get any profit by the link.

2. Infographics:

Making infographics is another extraordinary method to build links. It is a cool and imaginative approach to build your reach.

Following points to create successful infographics –

  1. Build your infographic for your audience and keep it simple and relevant.
  2. Write relevant content in infographics.
  3. Impress your audience with graphs and charts.
  4. Create an attractive headline for your infographic.
  5. Limit the number of characters to maximum 70.
  6. Make sure to add a 200-300 word unique description
  7. Include a targeted keyword in description and title.
  8. Always spotlight on the flow, as it plays an important role in the success of an infographic.
  9. Create a story that maintains interest to the end.


Following sites for easy-to-make infographic templates:


3. Link Building with Social Sharing Sites:

Social bookmarking sites where clients can easily add, edit, and share content over the web enable you to get high-quality backlinks that direct people to your site.

Some of the social sharing sites:

Reddit: Reddit is a social news bookmarking, web content rating and discussion website that can be used to drive huge traffic to your website within a few weeks. Medium is an online publishing platform where users can read, write, and share long-form content.

GrowthHackers: GrowthHackers is basically a group where you can share and learn more about online ethical marketing techniques.

Slashdot: Slashdot is the equivalent of a Socially Curate Website. The site publishes news items for its members which are related to technology and allows peers to share their point of view about the topic.

HubPages: HubPages is an open platform for those who are passionate about their work – like writers, artists, designers, and other conversation starters who want to share visual and infotainment content.


4. Blog Commenting to increase BackLinks:

This is a simple and magnificent approach to procure backlinks from industry blog sites in the event that you have time and expertise to participate. Continuously incorporate your URL while commenting.

Commenting on a quality blog and website can be time-consuming. There are many benefits besides gain quality backlinks:

  1. You can easily increase traffic to your site.
  2. Blog commenting gives you the opportunity to build relationships with blog owners.
  3. It is recommended that you should do it frequently and do it properly.


5. is a content curation website where users can select a favorite topic to curate, publish and share to any social networks they prefer.

You can pick any topic with countless and which has been refreshed as of late. In the event that they have a decent number of views, you can without much of a stretch offer your content – this opens up roundabout link building opportunities for you.

There are many other content curation sites available like BuzzFeed, Lifehacker.



Link building has been an important technique for every website to gain highest ranking in search engine.

There are two clear point link building and link spam. It should be clear link spam will require less effort but won’t build long long-term links where rank based requires more effort but builds links that will stand the test of time.

An appropriate link building strategy with a link acquiring approach will dependably give you better outcomes as far as SERP position and traffic.

Please do share with us if there are any other techniques that you’ve used.

Do not forget to share my post and add the comment below.

Thank you for reading.

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